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Fill the form below to submit an abstract for ExHILP 2017. The title, author names and affiliations, abstract and references of each contribution should be filled in the form as plain text. Intructions are given next to each field. After completing the form, you will be able to preview your LaTeX compiled file before submitting.

Any information request should be addressed to exhilp at tecnico.ulisboa.pt.

Note: contributed talks should not be longer than 15 minutes, discussion included.

Poster presenters will be given the possibility of advertising their work in a 90 seconds pitch talk about their work before the poster session. Check the box below if you want to sign in for a flash presentation of your work (only applicable to posters).


Please indicate here the name and affiliation of each of the authors involved in this contribution. The author name shoud be indicated in the format A. Author. LaTeX commands can be used to include accents/special characters. Authors can be added (until a maximum of 10 authors) by clicking the button below. The affiliations should be indicated for each of the authors individually, i.e. if authors share affiliations these should be replicated for each of the authors.

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Include here your abstract text, up to a limit of 300 words. LaTex code can be used to include inline mathematical expressions, or equations. References can also be included by using the command \cite{tag}. Each tag must correspond to a reference (see the instructions regarding the references fields below).


Include here all the references cited in your abstract. For each reference, indicate a tag an the reference line. LaTex code can be used to format the reference line. For example, the reference 'J. Doe et al., Physical Review Letters 999 (2017)' can be produced with the code J. Doe \textit{et al.}, Physical Review Letters \textbf{999} (2017).

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